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Heart2Heart Entries

What is your grief story?
What is one insight you gained from your suicide loss grief journey?
What is something you wish people in your life understood about grief?
Society’s unrealistic grief standards are…
Describe a memory with your loved one that makes you smile or cry…
Where do you feel grief in the body?
If I could forgive myself for one thing, it would be…
Write a mantra you use when you feel overwhelmed
Ask a professional anything about grief…
Mention their name. What would you like others to know about them?
I feel most connected to my loved one when…
This is what grief has taught me about myself…
Describe something you were afraid to do but did anyways since your loss
How do you remember your loved one during Thanksgiving?
Something you have been grateful for in your grief journey is …
What has been your biggest accomplishment in grief?
What would you say to your loved one if you had the chance?
What gives you energy?
Today, I remembered…
What has given you the strength to keep going after your loss?
Today, I am really missing…
Tell us a song that reminds you of your loved one
My best coping mechanism is…
My most favourite memory of my loved one is…
How do you find your Pockets of Peace?
Where does your mind go when you let it wonder?
How do you practice self-care?
How has grief impacted your memory?
What is a daily ritual that makes you feel close to your loved one who died?
I’m ready to feel…
How Does Spring Impact Your Grief?
Today, I am having a hard time with…
Name a favourite holiday memory with your loved one.
Tell us about one thing that belonged to your person that you kept?
How did the stigma of suicide impact your grief?
Tell us about one of your triggers that surprised you.
Tell us about a place where you cried.
How long after your loss did you return to work?
What used to be easy for you to do and is now challenging?
Some places are like grief chambers— we enter and our grief releases.  Tell us about where your grief releases.
What is one thing you would like others to do to support you in grief?
Music can be hard to listen to after a significant loss, but it can also help us process feelings of grief. Share music that was important in your grief journey and what this music meant to you.